ALS United Map Coverage

ALS United Map established in 2023 demonstrates the comprehensive coverage provided by members of ALS United

ALS United Coverage and Support Services

The ALS United Map established in 2023 offers a detailed and comprehensive overview of the areas covered by ALS United, showcasing the extensive network and support services available to individuals and families affected by ALS. This interactive map is a valuable resource for those newly diagnosed, caregivers, and supporters, providing easy access to ALS clinics, support groups, and educational resources. By highlighting the widespread coverage and dedication of ALS United, the map emphasizes the organization’s commitment to fighting ALS on multiple fronts, from advocating for public policy changes to funding cutting-edge research and clinical trials. It also serves as a guide to the various forms of assistance provided, including resources for living with ALS, caregiver support, youth resources, and specialized programs for military veterans. The ALS United Map is not just a navigational tool but a symbol of hope and solidarity in the ALS community.