Walk in Honor. Walk in Memory. Walk in Support. 

Join one of our Rocky Mountain Walk ALS events in your area! Our Walk ALS events are our largest annual gatherings for the ALS community, raising funds and awareness that supports our free ALS programs and the search for treatments and cures to conquer ALS. 

Walk for ALS Today!

Walk ALS is more than just an event; it is a gathering of hope, support, and dedication in the Rocky Mountain region. By participating in these walks, individuals are not only raising vital funds for ALS research and free programs for the ALS community but also creating a powerful movement. The Rocky Mountain Walk ALS events are significant in bringing together families, friends, and communities to support those living with ALS, honor those we've lost to ALS, and contribute to finding treatments and cures. It's a commitment to ending ALS and ensuring that no one fights alone. This is a movement powered by love, determination, and the collective effort of those who believe in a future free from ALS. Join us in making every step count towards a cure.