Walk ALS | Fort Collins Walk Coach Geno 2017

Walk ALS | Fort Collins Walk Team Coach Geno 2017

FC Walk Coach Geno 2017: Defeating ALS Together

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the ALS community unites for the Fort Collins Walk ALS, a pivotal event dedicated to fighting Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). This walk not only raises crucial funds for ALS research and patient support but also brings together families, friends, and communities impacted by this devastating disease. The Fort Collins (FC) Walk exemplifies the strength and hope of the ALS community, striving towards the ultimate goal of finding a cure. Through your participation and support, we can continue to provide essential services for those diagnosed with ALS and make significant strides in ALS research. Join us in this heartfelt journey as we walk for those who can’t, remembering each step we take is a step closer to defeating ALS.