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Memories of Gary van Houten: A Railroad Enthusiast’s Journey

Gary van Houten lived, loved and laughed to the fullest every day of his life. A long time railroad fan, many of our adventures were on trains, but we also took planes, boats, gondolas, and 2 European river cruises, which were some of the highlights of his life. His children, Billy and Emily, were the other highlights.

We were left with wonderful memories of time spent together, whether watching his favorite television programs, enjoying the backyard and the birds who visited, our best dog ever, Barkley, or going to hockey and baseball games. He was an amazing spirit throughout his short time living with ALS (18 months) always wisecracking, and laughing at himself and life. I miss him every day.

~Kate van Houten

Memories with Gary: From Railroads to A Remarkable Life

The story of Gary van Houten mirrors a journey filled with passion, adventure, and unwavering courage, particularly in his battle with ALS. A lifelong railroad enthusiast, Gary’s adventures spanned continents aboard trains, boats, and during serene European river cruises, reflecting a zest for life that was contagious to all around him. Alongside the joy of his children, Billy and Emily, these moments became the brightly lit memories amidst the challenging times of living with ALS. Throughout his 18-month battle with ALS, Gary maintained his humor and spirit, serving as a beacon of strength for his family and friends. This page is a homage to Gary’s life, preserving the essence of his adventures, his battle with ALS, and the legacy of love and laughter he left behind.

~ ALS United Rocky Mountain

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