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On The Wings of Sparrows Poem – A Journey of Hope by Patrick Williams

On The Wings of Sparrows

Bound by movement.
Bound by speech.
Bound by the unknown and fear.

I close my eyes and dream.
The Ties that binds falls apart.
And seek the flight of sparrows.

To dance on the freedom of the wind.
Not an eagle nor falcon.
Sometimes overlooked but always there.

Reality has a way of shaking up your life.
To find a safe place where there are boundaries.
The dream transcends and gives hope.

To let your own sprit, seek the flight of sparrows.

~ Patrick Williams, Person with ALS

The Journey of ALS: ‘On The Wings of Sparrows’

Patrick Williams’ ‘On The Wings of Sparrows’ vividly encapsulates the essence of living with ALS – a life often bound by challenges but also teeming with the hope of liberation, much like sparrows soaring through the wind. This poem not only offers solace but also enlightens others about the ALS journey, employing the metaphor of sparrows in flight to symbolize the spirit’s indefatigable quest for freedom despite life’s bounds. ‘On The Wings of Sparrows’ serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the small, overlooked, yet omnipresent sources of strength and resilience present in our lives, echoing the mission of ALS United Rocky Mountain to support, educate, and uplift those affected by ALS. Dive into a realm where poetry meets the real-life struggles and triumphs of those battling ALS, and find inspiration in the courage that propels the human spirit to seek its flight, akin to sparrows against the vast sky.

~ ALS United Rocky Mountain

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