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The Impact ALS United Rocky Mountain had on Lionel and Terri Seim

There are not enough words of gratitude, to say how thankful my husband Lionel and I are, for the efforts of everyone at ALS United Rocky Mountain.

From the time of diagnosis to his death 6 months ago, we were supported and comforted at every turn by different members of this wonderful team. If we needed a piece of medical equipment, it was delivered to our door. If we needed an idea to meet a new challenge, it was provided. If we needed advice on how to handle a problem, it was freely given. Most importantly, if we needed a shoulder to cry or lean on, we always knew where to find it.

Even now, after my husband’s death, I am still comforted by the monthly meetings of the “Beyond ALS” support group.

The sensitivity, support, and dedication provided by ALS United Rocky Mountain is invaluable.

ALS is a terrible disease for anyone to face, but ALS United Rocky Mountain makes it more manageable and I will always remember them with immeasurable gratitude.

~ Terri Rizzo-Seim

ALS Support and Its Transformative Power

ALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, presents significant challenges not only to those diagnosed but also to their families. The story of Lionel and Terri Seim, as supported by ALS United Rocky Mountain, sheds light on the critical role of compassionate care and support in navigating this journey. ALS United Rocky Mountain has been instrumental in providing resources, emotional support, and a community that understands the unique challenges faced. Through comprehensive programs and personalized care, we ensure that no one has to face ALS alone, demonstrating the transformative power of support systems in enhancing quality of life.

~ ALS United Rocky Mountain

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